ticktr - self ticket your event or gig

Ticktr aims to solve big problems with the event ticketing industry:

1. It's very expensive to create a ticketed event, this is a real problem for start up artists who can spend most of their profit on simply creating tickets for their gigs and events.

2. Ticket touts and secondary markets, meaning that if you resell a ticket, the artist or event holder misses out.

Ticktr solves these problems by creating a community based 'freemium' ticketing platform, free to use so smaller, un-established artists can get a leg up without spending too much, they can quickly create and share venue seating plans and sell tickets on their own customised page (logo, background), keeping all profits.

Ticktr also avoids touts by creating e-tickets that cannot be resold, only sold back to the artist for resale.

Tickets are delivered securely through smartphone apps only to verified customers. Event staff have apps to verify tickets.

Ticktr makes money by selling support and charging for larger events.

Get involved - https://angel.co/ticktr